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Hey Kiwis, do you know where in the world your next meal is coming from? Is it from New Zealand, or from Australia, Canada or China?
And how could you tell?

New Zealand law does not require a food manufacturer to identify the origin of the contents used in the bag, can or box their product comes in. It also does not require point-of-sale country of origin information to be provided by retailers.

CoOL New Zealand knows Kiwis are increasingly concerned about the characteristics and qualities of the food products they are feeding their families. Mandatory country of origin labelling is the only way to make sure you know where the food you choose to buy is from.

CoOL New Zealand is made up of consumer groups, producer boards, community interest groups, unions and companies who all believe New Zealand must change its law to make CoOL mandatory on all food.

Kiwi shoppers deserve the right to choose.

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